AOLC is proud to be the exclusive South African partner for ClassVR. A groundbreaking Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality system, designed specifically for the classroom. 


What is ClassVR?

Introducing ClassVR, a groundbreaking technology designed to help raise engagement & increase knowledge retention for students of all ages. Everything your school needs…


Standalone Virtual Reality Headsets


Central Headset Management


Curriculum Aligned Content


& Training


Secure Storage
& Charging

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Standalone VR Headsets

ClassVR’s standalone headset is fully classroom ready. No additional mobile device is needed, the headset delivers a fully immersive VR experience whilst being wirelessly managed and controlled by our innovative ClassVR Teacher Portal. It has been designed for students of all ages, and will last the entire school day on one charge.

Simple Classroom Controls

ClassVR comes with access to a teacher lesson planning and real-time classroom delivery platform, ClassVR Portal, a simple way to discover and deliver engaging VR content and lessons. It also provides full control and management of multiple headsets in the classroom, allowing teachers a quick and simple way to send their lesson to multiple headsets and view and monitor student progress.

Curriculum Aligned Content

ClassVR uses engaging curriculum aligned content along with structured lesson plans to help spark the imagination of students of all ages. The lessons leave them with memories and experiences that help visualize and understand even the most complex of educational subjects, and engages and motivates them like never before.

Setup, Training & Support

All our Educational Specialists are fully qualified teachers. They have extensive experience in training teachers how to use technology successfully in the classroom, and understand how to adapt their sessions to meet the needs of staff with a range of familiarity levels with new technologies.

Lesson Ideas & Support

Not only will we ensure that everything is seamlessly up and running, we will also give you some great lesson ideas as well.

Why choose ClassVR?

It provides engaging, immersive experiences for students of all ages, helping them understand subjects and topics through personal experience. Our solution dramatically increases student engagement, strengthens knowledge retention and supports improved student outcomes.


What do you get?

You can choose between a set of 4 or 8. Both packages include a set of standalone VR/AR headsets, a ruggedized portable storage unit, a custom student-friendly user interface, educational Virtual Reality, AR & MR resources and a web-based portal that empowers teachers to control and manage devices with ease.

Product Information

A comprehensive list of ClassVR product information can be found below. Please contact us to confirm a specific detail which isn’t listed below. Exact hardware specification and packaging materials of virtual reality equipment and software are subject to change.


Technical Specifications

  • Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A17 Processor
  • Stereo Speakers & Internal Microphone
  • 2GB DDR RAM & 16GB Internal Storage
  • 4,000 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery contained within each ClassVR headset (4.35V / 75g each)
  • 8MP Auto-Focus Front-Facing Camera
  • 5.5” 2560×1440 High Resolution Display
  • Light & proximity sensor / G-sensor / Electronic Compass / 9-Axis gyroscope system
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual band 2.4/5Ghz Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3.5mm Stereo Jack Out for headphone use
  • Aspherical lens with adjustable distance
  • Full Size USB Port & Micro USB Port for charging
  • Micro SD card slot for expandable storage
  • Ambient temperature range that ClassVR headsets can be used in: -10°C / +55°C
  • Ambient temperature range that ClassVR headsets can be stored in: 0°C / +30°C

Boxed-Product Weights

  • Single ClassVR headset approx weight: 0.75kg
  • Set-of-4 ClassVR kit approx weight: 5.75kg
  • Set-of-8 ClassVR kit approx weight: 13.3kg

Boxed-Product Dimensions

  • Single ClassVR headset box: 21.5cm / 19.5cm / 11cm
  • Set-of-4 ClassVR kit box: 42cm / 20.5cm / 33.5cm
  • Set-of-8 ClassVR kit box: 33cm / 59cm / 42cm

Individual Product Dimensions

  • Single ClassVR headset approx dimensions: 185mm x 155mm x 102m



Plan, Deliver & Control from Anywhere

Using technology in a busy classroom isn’t always as easy as it should be. Imagine how difficult it could be to control 30 children wearing VR headsets! The ClassVR interface and teacher control portal provides the simple to use tools needed to ensure this exciting and engaging technology can deliver a rich, reliable experience for you and your students. Find out how easy it is to plan and deliver Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality lessons to multiple students, or allow them to experience Virtual Reality at their own pace.

Create & Plan

  • Plan and prepare a Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality lesson in just a few simple steps
  • Search over 500 resources by subject, topic or keyword
  • Build, save and share custom lessons
  • Add or upload your own content


  • Deliver your lessons with our simple teacher controls
  • Launch your lesson plan on all your headsets simultaneously
  • Lock headsets into the lesson to maintain focus
  • Set ‘Points Of Interest’ dynamically to attract student attention…

Learn Independently

  • Let your students explore and learn at their own pace
  • Push your lesson to individual headsets
  • Hand out printed VR/AR worksheets for self-led learning
  • Let students navigate themselves using simple hand gestures

Wanna see how it works? Watch this!


A short demonstration of using the ‘Deliver’ feature available within the ClassVR Portal. For further information, contact us.

What’s NEW?


ClassVR Portal Updates June 2019

Find out all about the updates to the ClassVR Portal in June 2019, including:

  • Improved subject-based browsing of the ClassVR library of content.
  • Improved search function.
  • Integrated access to lesson plans and worksheets, helping teachers find the most relevant supporting resources.

Download the FREE VR & AR Guide


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A comprehensive guide to virtual & augmented reality in education

Download our 32-page informative guide to using virtual reality and augmented reality in education, and discover the impact this technology has on student engagement and knowledge retention.

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